Being a Minnesota sports fan is hard. It’s hard and taxing on the brain. We’re just not allowed to have nice things.

Just as you can count on Minnesota to have cold winters, mosquito-infested summers, and passive-aggressive Minnesota "niceness" -- You can count on the Minnesota Twins to lose in the playoffs. The only thing different this time is that it wasn’t the New York Yankees that did the eliminating.

No, this time it was Houston Astros that had the pleasure. They won Game 2 today by a score of 3-1 and swept the Twins in the first round, best out of three-game series.

Minnesota was said to have an easy path to the World Series. Instead, the path led them to the end of the season.

When the COVID shortened season started the Minnesota Twins -- a team to be feared for its home run power -- did not hit a single one in the two playoff games. On the opposite side, the Twins pitching staff actually did its job, for the most part. It was the lack of offense and defense that led to the early playoff exit.

The Minnesota Twins have now lost 18 straight playoff games. Let that sink in for a minute -- 18 straight.

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Is there a silver lining to any of this? Sure. It was the “asterisked COVID season” and everything about it was not normal (well, except the end result) and this team should be contenders for few years to come (if they go out and continue to acquire players to help them).

So now, it’s on to footba -- hocke -- baske -- Ah, forget it.

Why can’t we ever have nice things?

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