I'm talking about this only because I just about got nailed again in a roundabout.  I realize that these are very new to some people, but if you are used to navigating them, it's super simple and really does keep traffic flowing nicely.  This is the reason that MnDot is implementing them instead of traffic lights.  Less stopping.

Roundabout at Heritage Drive/CSAH 1 -- Stearns County Highway Department
Roundabout at Heritage Drive/CSAH 1 -- Stearns County Highway Department

Here we go- first rule, when entering the traffic circle, roundabout, whatever you call the thing, no need to stop unless there is someone coming from your left.  This is a yield, not a stop.  So, DO NOT stop unless someone is coming from your left.  Second step is to make sure you are in the correct lane.  Outside lane HAS to keep going and exit the traffic circle.  Inside lane can exit or keep going around the circle.  So in other words, don't cross in front of someone on the inside lane to stay in the traffic circle. This has happened to me at least twice.  Most of the time it has been in the traffic circle by Centracare Plaza in Sartell.  It has also happened this past summer in the traffic circle on 5th and University.  It was during the Lemonade Art Fair in June.  I get it, people coming into town who are not familiar with driving in a roundabout.

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If you are in a multi lane circle (where there's that crazy middle lane) the inside lane can goes around the circle or exit but need to exit into their designated lane- generally there are arrows showing you what to do.  The outside lane HAS to exit and the middle lane basically has the same rules as the inside lane.  Just follow the arrows and exit lanes.  That way no one has the chance of crossing over eachother, which is what happened to me this week.  UGH!!

Also BIGGEST, most important rule ever... NO STOPPING IN THE ROUNDABOUT!  I cannot express this enough.  NO stopping.  Sure way to get rear ended.  That happened again last week.  Person IN THE ROUNDABOUT stopped because someone was approaching.  She just stopped to let them in.  NO NO NO!  You don't do that.  Good thing no one was behind her.

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