It's been batted around for years. Why can't we have the Super Bowl on a Saturday instead of Sunday?  It makes sense to me. Employers would like it. The workforce Institute predicted 17.2 million people would miss work after last years big game.

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It would certainly make it more convenient for the Super Bowl partiers.  It would be easier to travel back home on a Sunday rather than miss a day of work or school the Monday after. 
The NFL claims it gets better ratings on a Sunday night, but how would they know, if it's never been played on a Saturday.

Actually, the whole reason the game is broadcast on Sundays is because of a law passed Congress in 1961, the Sports Broadcasting Act" barred professional football games from being shown on Fridays and Saturdays as to not interfere with high school and college football.

Understandable, but those seasons are already over by the time the Super Bowl rolls around. Also, the NFL has playoff games on Saturdays.

It makes perfect sense to me, even though Super Bowl Saturday doesn't quite have the same ring to it but I think, after time, we'd get used to it. Super Bowl Saturday, see I'm already used to it.

I have zero delusions that this will actually change in the near future. Except for the Sports Broadcasting Act, which we have already established, doesn't affect changing the date of the big game one bit.

So, what do you think? Super Bowl on Saturday?

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