Have you ever wondered why sometimes you are getting chewed alive by mosquitoes and other people don't seem to be bothered much by those flying bloodsuckers?

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Well, since we are entering prime skeeter season, maybe we should break down a few reasons why you may be more attractive to mosquitoes when others are not.

If you have a slightly higher body temperature, which can happen depending on age, what gender you are and how much activity you may be engaged in. Sometimes even spicy food can raise your body temperature and those bloodsuckers love a warmer meal.

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Mosquitoes also love carbon dioxide and lactic acid.  Your body produces both of these things when you exercise. Mosquitoes also like pregnant women because they produce more CO2 and usually run a higher body temperature.

Stress hormones released in your sweat also attract mosquitoes.  So, maybe spending more time swatting these little bastards will temporarily take your mind off of what's stressing you out.

Mosquitoes will lay down some punishment if you neglect to shower often enough.  They are attracted to certain types of bacteria. Since our ankles and feet tend to collect more bacteria would explain why mosquitoes zero in on those areas.

If you are a fan of wearing dark clothing like reds, blues and blacks, you will attract more mosquitoes than if you dressed in colors like white or yellow.

And finally, booze. besides resulting in bad decisions and hangovers, it also dilates the blood vessels in your skin with heats your skin up. Also, when drinking, ethanol comes out in you sweat, and yes, they love that too.

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