First, it was the dress. Is it blue or gold?  There have been a couple other weird things.  And I tried this shoe thing today.  I see a definite pink shoe with white trim and laces.  Others are seeing a grey shoe with aqua/teal/mint colored laces and trim.  How is that even possible?  Look at all the different answers from the "test" we did this morning:


"....its a baby pink.. really light lol I have seen it both ways. and now i can't unsee the pink lol"

"...this one i see pink and white but on another post i saw a light teal and grey its so weird"

And it really is weird... to see more of the answers, click the link below.

Well, I did a little research and found that one theory is that people see different things depending on their mood, perception, memories, basically whatever is going on in their lives... or what HAS gone on in the past.

Another theory is that people process information differently. Kind of like when you see something and you think it's absolutely gorgeous and you ask someone else to look a the same thing and they don't have the same reaction. You wonder what's wrong with them.  Well, short answer is that they are not you, and therefore won't react the same way.

But I do find it odd that it only seems to happen with photos like this.  When you ask someone to color something, or get a certain colored shirt, or whatever it is, generally the outcome will be the desired one.  But with these pictures.... so weird.


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