Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States.  Brandon Mackie from Pickleheads.com feels pickleball will become the most popular sport in the country by participation in one year.  He says more people will play pickleball than run or bike ride within the next year.  Mackie says 36.5 million people are playing it now.  He doesn't see it becoming more popular than the super bowl for watching but it is growing as a spectator sport.

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Mackie indicates the reason for this is people from age 7 to age 95 can play the sport and the cost to play isn't overwhelming.  He says pickleball is easy to learn, anyone can pick it up and learn within 5 to 10 minutes and a paddle and ball is all you need.  Mackie explains no experience is needed and being all that athletic isn't required.  He says another reason for its popularity is the social aspect.  The game is typically played with doubles in a large open court location where many people gather to participate.

Being polite and observing rules at pickleball courts is important.  Mackie says all 4 players should expect to leave the court after each game so those waiting can play.  He says it is the right thing to do to allow those waiting to get opportunities in a timely fashion.

Major League Pickleball formed this year as a professional organization.  Mackie says many famous people including Lebron James and Tom Brady have invested in professional pickleball teams.  The first full season is this year and some tournaments will be televised on CBS Sports Network and Amazon Prime.

Pickleheads.com is a website that works as a resource to help people find places to play pickleball in their area.  The site allows people to join games or organize games with others.  He says their goal is to help people play more pickleball.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Brandon Mackie it is available below.



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