Sturgis Bike Rally in Stugis, South Dakota is certainly one of the biggest summertime events.  Bikers and partiers come from all over the country to attend this event. This summer you may see fewer bikes on the road heading to Sturgis and it's not because people aren't going this year.

Sturgis Rally Draws Bikers To South Dakota
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Allegiant Air has come up with an alternate plan to get people to Sturgis this summer. They are offering a pretty unique idea. Allegiant is offering, temporarily, flights to the Rapid City, South Dakota Regional Airport from nine different cities in the US.

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This is ideal for those that don't necessarily want to ride on the back of a motorcycle for hundreds of miles just to attend the bike event. Just a guess, it'll probably be a much more pleasurable ride home after a week plus of partying.

2021 Sturgis Bike Rally is scheduled for August 6th to August 15.  Airfares with start at $99 each way.  These temporary flights for Sturgis will originate from;

  • Appleton, Wisconsin starting Aug 4th
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan  starting Aug 4th
  • Indianapolis, Indiana starting Aug 4th
  • Knoxville, Tennessee starting Aug 4th
  • Nashville, Tennessee starting Aug 4th
  • Orlando/Sanford, Florida starting Aug 5th
  • Peoria, Illinois starting Aug 4th
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania starting Aug 5th
  • Punta Gorda, Florida starting Aug 6th

This might not be desirable for a good amount of attendees that really would rather have their bikes there with them.

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