The Minnesota Suicide Hotline can't get funding?  Of all things... the suicide hotline??  Doesn't that seem like something that should be funded right away?  I mean, if people need to talk to someone, a hotline should be ready and available.


Apparently they need close to a million dollars to keep it going, and it just isn't in the states budget.  The last day will be the 30th of June.  This means about an average of 55,000 calls will no longer be answered via Crisis Connection.

This seems like it would not be a question to keep this going, especially when we see what has been going on in society.  There should be a resource there for people who need it.

Apparently, there is... if you or someone you know needs someone to call and talk to there is still the National Suicide Prevention Hotline.  Anyone, including Minnesotans will be able to call that hotline.  It's just that the state hotline will be going away at the end of the month.

Can't we take up a collection or something???  A million dollars for the entire state doesn't seem that insurmountable.  Just sayin...

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