Once in a while I look at Craigslist in St. Cloud to see if there's anything cool in the 'free' section. This week is completely baffling with tons of crap that nobody could want!

I guess the mindset is that if it's FREE then it'll get taken, no matter how much of a pile of crap it is. Most of these items look like they've been left outside all winter and the owner is too cheap to dispose of it the right way. Here's just a few of the items that I'm talking about...

  • St. Cloud, MN Craigslist

    Old tires, plastic pails, plastic feeder barrels, planters, tarps

    There's maybe a couple things in the photos that might catch somebody's attention, but for the most part it looks like a junk pile. I guess somebody else's trash is another person's treasure!

  • St. Cloud, MN Craigslist

    All Natural Christmas Tree 2016 Model - Scotch Pine, Local

    This Christmas Tree is a very nice Scotch Pine purchased locally for the 2016 season. After the holidays it was placed in my garage and never quite made it to the curb for pickup. Looks like you could just string lights on it and put presents underneath it! It would also torch up pretty nice in a bonfire. Let me know if you want it - thanks!!

    Is this a real tree? You've got to be kidding if it is! There's pine needles all over the ground. I wouldn't suggest putting anything that gets hot (like lights!) near this dry fire bomb. Did you ever see Christmas Vacation?

  • St. Cloud, MN Craigslist

    Free Wood

    You pick it up its yours :)

    This should end with a devil horn emoticon. What could you possibly use this 'free wood' for? It's likely water-logged and useless for anything you could need wood for. Most of it looks like it's not even legal to burn. Yet another junk pile that somebody is bound to take at some point, or not...

  • St. Cloud, MN Craigslist

    3 Seater Leather Couch

    Need it gone. Must pickup. Couch is starting to peel but could easily be covered up with couch cover. It is a very soft comfy couch! No smoking no pets very clean home

    This is my favorite of them all. Look at this thing...seriously? I don't even think a broke college kid would want to put this in their living room with a cover over it. I wouldn't even let my dogs sit on it.

  • St. Cloud, MN Craigslist


    Could look better with cover or be used as project. Pickup on street. Reclines and swivels

    Could be used as a project? Please explain what in the world kind of 'project' you'd choose to do with this thing? I've never understood why people put furniture on the curb for. Between the rain, bugs, and wildlife that come in contact with it - I'd never bring it into my house after that.