Just to be clear, there are many, many ways to arouse the typical male. Even a stiff breeze can bring results but grabbing a sleeping man by his testicles and squeezing as hard as one can might have just the opposite effect.

Recently in Florida, a woman woke up her husband, who was sleeping peacefully on the couch, by grabbing him by the nads and squeezing as hard as she could in an effort to put him in the mood for some lovin'.

This lady is either not telling the truth or she is very misguided in how a guy's junk works.


Anastacia Tasch, a 44 year old woman from Tampa, found her husband sleeping on the couch at around 5:30 in the morning.  She approached him, grabbed him by the testicles and squeezed with great force.

She claims it was merely an effort to arouse him but her advance actually put him in such pain, he called 911.

We don't know what his current condition is but Anastacia is looking at domestic battery charges.

(The Smoking Gun/Patch)

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