We know that times are tough in this economy, but we never could have imagined things would get this bad - especially for a guy like Will Ferrell. The comedian appears to have fallen on a big old rough patch, as he was spotted last night working security for the L.A. Lakers.

Of course, it ended up being quite funny, because Will was at his stone-faced best.

Ferrell showed up at last night's Lakers-Suns game in an apparent informal capacity, chatting it up courtside like any other celebrity. But come the third quarter, Ferrell donned one of the Staples Center security staff's famous red blazers and kept an eye on the crowd. Clearly, he took the job with the utmost seriousness - aside from the fact that he wore a name tag sporting the name "Ted Vagina."

At one point Ferrell clearly didn't like what he was seeing in the front row and had to escort out another L.A. mainstay: Shaquille O'Neal. Ferrell led the big man off the court and into the bowels of the arena, presumably for some intense questioning.

Watch the incident below. 'Anchorman 2' can't come soon enough.

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