If you plan to attend the 2021 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally later this summer, there's a chance you might experience a big change over previous years if a group of Sturgis city council members get their way.

The change would come in the form of a new proposed open container law.

Dakota News Now is reporting a group of council members are hoping to pass a new law that will allow for open containers outside on Main Street during rally week.

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The idea has been bantered around in the past but has never been brought up for a vote.

According to Dakota News Now, many within the council feel an open container law during the rally would help to create a more relaxed, welcoming environment for rally- goers inside the downtown corridor of the event. Sturgis Mayor Mark Carstensen, also believes the new proposed law could help establish new, significant revenue streams for vendors, the city itself, and Sturgis Rally related-charities.

Sturgis City Manager, Daniel Ainslie, sees another big benefit of the proposed change.  From Ainslie's perspective, it will help solve the problem that now exists when rally-goers take drinks outside bars and dining establishments and then are told by authorities they need to get rid of them.

Should the proposed plan get enacted into law, Dakota News Now reports it will allow for open container beverages like beer and wine to be consumed outside from a special event cup in a designated area that ranges from Main and Lazelle streets. The approved hours for an open container law would be between 10 AM and 10 PM each day during the nine-day rally event period.

The proposed change also brings about a variety of concerns like; the need for increased law enforcement, confusion on what types of containers are approved, and the threat of minors being able to drink.

The Sturgis council discussed the plan during the (April 19) meeting and plans to hold continued discussions in the future.

Source: Dakota News Now

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