Minnesota Vikings fans have been long suffering to say the least. The team hasn’t been in the Super Bowl since 1977 after earning a spot four times in the big game in the 1970’s but lost them all. 

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Since then, there have been several crushing losses for the fan base who can’t quite trust things when the team is having a good season.  

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings
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Minnesota fans have a nice stadium to watch games in and a cool slogan to chant during games, “SKOL”, but combined with the aforementioned Super Bowl facts, fans of the Vikings now have something else to add to their list of misery and complaints. 

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According to the online gaming site FlashPicks, The Minnesota Vikings have had the worst behaved players in the league since 2000. The site says in a press release they analyzed data from the last 23 years and Minnesota led the league with players being arrested 60 times.  

FlashPicks says that the arrest rate for Vikings players was 80% higher than the average in the league, which was 33 during that time.  

Following the Vikings near the top of this report were: 

  • The Denver Broncos= 56 
  • The Cincinnati Bengals= 54 
  • The Jacksonville Jaguars= 45 
  • The Kansas City Chiefs= 43 
  • The Cleveland Browns= 42 
  • The Tennessee Titans= 40 
  • The Seattle Seahawks= 39 
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers=39 
  • The Indianapolis Colts= 37 
  • The Chicago Bears= 36 

For you “die-hard” fans who are always comparing The Vikings with The Lions, and The Packers, Green Bay finished in 13th spot with 31 arrests, tied with the Dallas Cowboys.

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons
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Detroit was next to last in the league, with only 19 players taken into custody.  

FlashPicks says the data they used to compile this list was taken from reports in USA Today who tallied the records of player arrests from public reports and other media outlets.  

Vikings fans have been so hungry for the team to finish first in something, but I’ve got an idea that was not a list where they wanted their team to finish first.  

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