Recently there was some controversy over an elementary school classroom in Willmar.  Some parents were concerned that there was a "Pride" flag hanging in a classroom.

The controversy started when concerns were brought to the school Superintendent (Jeff Holm) and to the school board. Parents of children in that class thought that the "Pride" flag was inappropriate for young children and the concern continued as they thought that the kids were being taught sex education.

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Sometimes in these situations, some questions should be asked before being outraged at something that might not be what you think it is.  Like in this case.  The "Pride" flag was actually just a regular rainbow.  It's an elementary classroom, and primary colors are often used as decorations around that age group.  It helps kids learn their colors and it looks bright and cheery.  Sometimes a rainbow is just a rainbow.  Not necessarily a symbol of the LGBTQ community.  Although, the rainbow is used in that fashion as well.  But it is first, just a rainbow.

When the school superintendent spoke with a Willmar radio station, and also through Bring Me the News, he has this to say:

Elementary schools going back to the beginning of time have been decorated in the colors of the rainbow and I think specifically what concerned him was that a window covering over a narrow window in a classroom door that had the colors of the rainbow, they weren't quite in the same configuration of a rainbow flag, and I don't believe there was any intent or any hidden meaning there

Those types of decorations are very common in elementary schools.

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