Minnesotans never can get any love.  People everywhere you go want to hear anyone from Minnesota to say the state.  Like "Oh, you're from Minnesota?  Say Minnesota" basically so they can hear the heavy "O" in the state's name.  Not everyone has that heavy "O", but in some areas within the state are much more prevalent.  When the movie 'Fargo' came out, the accent was very much exaggerated.  For the longest time you would hear people stating that "we don't sound like that".  Well, if you get to very rural areas within Minnesota, they absolutely do sound like that.  Just depends on your heritage and where in the state you live.  It's a dialect.  Same type of thing you would hear in various parts of the South- some areas have a heavier accent than other areas.  Also- 'Fargo' was created by Joel and Ethan Coen who are originally from Minnesota.  They know it was super-exaggerated, that was the point.

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I found this article on the to 10 "least sexy" accents.  Minnesota isn't the worst, but it's up there.  That "honor" goes to New Jersey.  The next one on this survey for least sexy accents is Long Island, followed by a Floridian accent.  What IS a Floridian accent, anyway?  According to this article, it's described as a combination of Midwest, Northeast with some Southern thrown in.  Hmmmm.  Not quite sure what that means, but Ok.

Next up is Minnesota.  Yep, we came in at the 4th most unsexy accent.  The good news is last time they ran this study we came in as the third least sexy accent.  So, you know, progress.

The rest of them round out as follows:


Alaskan (What IS an Alaskan accent?)

Pennsylvania Dutch (I kind of like this accent)

Appalachian (Deliverance, anyone?)

California Valley (Valley Girl comes to mind)

Southern Ohioan (Because it's close to Kentucky??)

If you were wondering- the MOST sexy accents, according to this poll, Texas coming in as the MOST sexy accent.  Really?  Followed by a New York accent and number three is Bostonian.

Of course this poll was taken in 2020.  I demand a recount!

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