Keeping fit during the Winter months can be challenging.  Sometimes the gym is too crowded, or you just aren't a "gym person". And maybe you are kind of weather wussy.  Like me.  What can you do, if you are used to walking, running or inline skating outside?

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Bring on the "Winter Warm Up" at US Bank Stadium.  This is an ongoing event that starts tomorrow, Tuesday, November 29th, and continues every Tuesday and Thursday through January 26th.

If you haven't heard of the event this is the description on US Bank website:

Winter Warm-Up, a recreational program featuring inline skating and indoor running, returns to U.S. Bank Stadium this November. Eighteen Winter Warm-Up sessions will be offered this season beginning on Tuesday, November 29 and ending on Thursday, January 26. Winter Warm-Up is open to all ages and will take place on the stadium’s main and upper concourses from 5 – 9 pm on Tuesday and Thursday night

This is also a great way to get the kids out of the house and get some much needed exercise and use some of the pent of energy they might have over the holidays when school isn't in session.

You can get tickets for whatever Tuesday and/or Thursday you'd like through their website.  Cost is $15. Participants are expected to bring their own equipment, there will be no rental of equipment available.  Inline skating is from 5-8pm, and if you are interested in speed skating that is from 8-9pm.  Indoor running takes place on another level from the skating.

All the information you need and ticket purchasing is available here.  

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