I can't imagine how incredibly stupid this police lieutenant feels after being forced to resign his position on the Madison, Wisconsin Police Department. We all make choices in life.  Some good, some bad and some really bad.

Lt. Reginald Patterson announced his resignation last November after the Madison Police Department found Patterson had violated multiple department policies.

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According to WFRV News, Lt. Patterson was recorded engaging in sex with a woman in the back of a Madison Police squad car. According to the report, a bystander caught the two on camera.

The bystander witnessed the officer and a woman were having sex in the backseat of the squad car in the Madison Farm and Fleet parking lot and recorded Lt. Patterson and the woman. I assume on their phone.

This isn't the first time this year that a Wisconsin police officer has been forced to resign for unauthorized "extra curricular" activities while on duty.

Back in August, a police officer from Hudson, Wisconsin was asked to resign according to WCCO, after he admitted having sex 98 times while using job resources and spent about half his work time making personal phone calls to 3 different women.

Former Hudson Police Department officer, John Worden was making about $63,000 with the department when he resigned and had been working there since 2008.

A woman made a report stating that she had had sex with Officer Worden about 100 times while he was on duty. She later found out that Worden was engaged and broke off the relationship.

The woman said Officer Worden began to harass her, so she sent a letter to the Hudson Police Chief stating “I fear you have a sexual predator in your company, with a badge and a gun,”


When WCCO contacted Worden for comment he asked the them not to air the story. “There’s nothing newsworthy about this! I have resigned, there’s no wrongdoing on the city’s or my part, and I’m done,” Worden said. “So it’s not worthy. The cities don’t care about me. I don’t live in the Twin Cities. I’m trying to work and raise my family under the cloud of this.”

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