Gee, you have to wonder how an individual can amass this quantity of pot. Nine TONS of marijuana. I'm guessing he wasn't able to convince a judge that it was all for personal use, right?

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There were a couple of other charges. John Gay was also charged with deliver and a weapons charge but it seems the authorities were satisfied with the 9 tons of pot charge, so the other two charges were dropped.

John Gay is from Raymond, Wisconsin, which has a population of around 3500. I have the feeling that in a small town like Raymond, it wouldn't take long for word to get around that someone had a huge stash of marijuana.

Authorities obviously caught wind (no pun intended) of Gay's large inventory and served Gay with a search warrant of his property. I can only imagine the shock when authorities discovered the magnitude of of contraband.

To give you an idea of how much 9 tons of marijuana is, it's worth over seven million dollars. Also confiscated was around $120,000 in cash, some weapons and Gay's financial records for his "business".

This has to be the biggest bust I've ever heard of, outside of a cartel shipment. I would be interested to learn how Gay amassed such a quantity. I guess it's possible that he grew it on his property but any way you look at it, this must have been a huge undertaking.

John Gay was sentenced to 7 years in prison on the 9 tons of pot charge.

To me, it just seems weird that someone can go to prison for something that is legal in other states. Nationwide legalization will happen across the country eventually. I'm pretty sure of that.

Many, I'm sure, are happy they got this pot off the street before someone smoked some and ordered a pizza and wrote some poetry.

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