This week Wisconsin passed a mandatory drug test for welfare recipients. This could become a trend in the U.S. that also includes Minnesota if successful.

This week Wisconsin started a new mandatory drug testing for all able-bodied adults using the welfare system. Those who test positive are offered a drug treatment program before receiving benefits again.

The argument among many is that a large number of welfare adults can't afford to use drugs, and those who are using drugs are questionable on even staying eligible to be on welfare.

Minnesota is very liberal and, in my opinion, would be the last state to ever do this. We offer some of the best welfare benefits of any state, and there's a LOT of people that live here just for those welfare benefits. The cost to drug test every person getting welfare would be insane, especially if there are only a small number of drug users within those people. Tax payers would not likely be supportive of this. if it were to be a federal rule, then states may not have a choice but to require it.