Okay, to me, this is great news.

WKRP was one of the best TV sitcoms ever and it's coming to MeTV's weekday schedule starting April 2nd. It is largely responsible for me jumping on that bumpy unpredictable road called broadcasting.

I thought Johnny Fever was the coolest guy and Bailey Quarters, Jennifer and the rest of the cast made me laugh out loud on a regular basis. Sales manager Herb Tarleck was the classic radio sales guy. Herb's character may have been a bit exaggerated, but not much. Mr. Carlson, WKRP General Manager, was also a slight exaggeration but believe it or not, I have actually worked for a couple radio station general managers that were just as clueless.

Radio has always been a place for people that live for the moment, because you never know when you're getting fired. They say you are not really a radio personality unless you've been fired a couple times. You never take in personally, it's just part of the business. Actually, it's kind of nice walking into a new radio station knowing it's not forever and just enjoying your time there.

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