This story reminds me of something similar that happened back in the 70's. You used to be able to call a phone number and get the correct time, according to the World clock. Any way, this guy was leaving on a 5 day business trip and told his girlfriend he was done with her and wanted her gone when he got back.

After he left, she called for the correct time in Tokyo and just left the phone off the hook. By the time he got home, he had racked up several thousand dollars in long distance charges.. Revenge, it's an ugly thing.


This story is another revenge tale. Serina and her boyfriend Michael were on vacation in Clearwater, Florida and having dinner at a restaurant. Well, the got in a big fight at dinner and Michael left. To get revenge, Serina used Michael's credit card to pay for the $56 meal. Oh, and she left a $5,000 tip. That's about a 9000% tip.

When Michael got the bill, he confronted Serina and she, of course denied doing it. After the cops got involved, she admitted to leaving the tip. She was arrested for felony theft.

As for who's on the hook for the money, the restaurant says they already paid out the tip to the waitress and i think I'd keep it, right?

(The Smoking Gun)

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