I know what you are probably thinking... it's Tommy Chong, and he probably wants to make sure that you USE marijuana.  Well, no, not exactly.  There is a specific reason why he makes every potential employee take a drug test.

During an interview, he will offer a marijuana cigarette and ask you to fire it up.  It's not to make sure you normally do that, it's to make sure that you don't lie.

"if you're high, it's tough enough to remember your own name, let alone any stories that you are trying to pass off on to someone else" 

Well, I guess that's one way to make sure that your staff is loyal, honest and honorable....  as far as being an employee of Tommy Chong.

As the debate for legalizing marijuana continues throughout the country, Minnesota remains in the "not legal" state.  Will it ever be legal in Minnesota?  Depends on who is in the legislation.  I guess we will find out within the next few years.  My guess is, eventually, but probably will be one of the last states to go in that direction.



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