For some reason, I love watching this stuff.  I know it takes a lot of time, skill and sometimes a bit of fearlessness to participate in a rodeo.  And I have here for it!

It's exciting to watch the bull riders, the bronc riders and even the barrel racers during a rodeo.  There are so many different levels of skill as well.  This includes the amateurs and the professionals.  Everyone has to start somewhere.

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The World's Toughest Rodeo is coming to the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul this coming February.  Tickets go on sale tomorrow.  The presale is actually today (Thursday).  The winters in Minnesota can get so long, cold and sometimes boring, its fun to have something to break it up, so why not a rodeo?

Fans will experience the absolute best of the best in cowboy athletes in Saint Paul as competition heats up to qualify for the multi-million dollar National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. Every dollar the cowboys win puts them one step closer to the crown, and top contenders from across the U.S. will be lining up to compete in Saint Paul. We are proud to be ProRodeo!

There are some opportunities to get in early too (with a ticket to the main event) each of the two nights of the event.  It's happening February 3-4, 3023.  Great time to make plans for this event.  Tickets on sale tomorrow.  Here is the link for those tickets.  Remember, Xcel does not allow any handbags in the arena. You are allowed to bring in a wallet. If you do have some sort of bag because of a medical issue, or a kid with a diaper bag (that will be checked) those are exceptions.  Everything is cashless.  So, bring your phone (you need that for entry), an ID and a debit or credit card.  That's it.

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