A Wisconsin based company by the name of Three Square Market says that within the next week they will be implanting microchip's into their employees hands. Now the reason why they are doing this, is so that their employees can get things out from the vending machine faster. They also will be able to use this chip to get into the company building and even log into their computers so that they can get to work quicker.

Now Three Square Market says that these chips are biologically safe and that they are NOT forcing their employees to get it. If the employee would like, they can also choose to put the chip in a wristband or ring and it would work the same way.



Now you Loonatics can think whatever you want about this... But I'm sorry, but this reminds me too much of 'The Belko Experiment'. So if my company ever decides to do something like this, I'm putting in my two weeks right then and there.

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