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As of right now, Domino's hasn't responded to her email or post on social media.  Personally, I may have just called the place immediately.  This is disgusting.  And worse, it was baked into the pizza and it's hard to tell if it's feathers or fur on the thing.  Her Tweet has had people voting on what it could possibly be.  "A bird? A rat? Someone's greasy toupee"?  I don't care what it is, it's something that shouldn't be there.

Abby Honold, the person who sent the Tweet with the foul thing says she can't even think about it without random gagging.  I hear ya.  I would be DONE!

What would you do?  You'd think it's even something where the health department should be notified and involved, right?  I have a fast gag reaction anyway, so even THINKING about this is making me feel a little ill and it didn't even happen to me.

So gross.

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