They have become such a part of our everyday lives, it's difficult to even remember what it was like not having a smartphone. 25 years ago, if someone had said we'd be carrying around a mini computer in our pockets, we would have thought they were crazy.

Well, here we are. Just about everyone has one these days. I feel sorry for the kids of today. I don't think they even realize how much freedom they are missing out on by always being reachable by their parents.


I'm also grateful for the fact that everyone and their brother wasn't carrying a camera with them when I was young. Kids can't even have a good time without a picture popping up on social media. Don't even get me started on bullying on social media.

Would you give up your smartphone?  46% of people say they wish they were never invented because of how they've affected us. Cutting into relaxation time is the biggest complaint.

With all the alerts, messages, news, social media and notifications, millenials relax less than an hour a day and older people less than 90 minutes a day.

In my opinion, and I'm as guilty as anyone with my phone, I think smartphones have definately had a negative affect on society.

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