There is nothing more important than your family. There for sure are good times and of course, there are those occasional bad times. Family trust and loyalty are the foundation of family.

Getty Images, Justin Sullivan
Getty Images, Justin Sullivan

But what if you knew a family member had committed a crime? Would you turn them in? Would you try talk them into turning themselves in?  Or, would you just let it slide for fear of them being arrested and punished?

According to YouGov this is how it breaks down.

33% of people would turn in a family member for shoplifting and 35% would rat on a family member for tax evasion.

What if someone in your family was dealing pot?  44% of people would notify authorities.  What about claiming government benefits they weren't entitle to? 45% said they'd turn in a family member.

53% would turn in a member of their family for drunk driving. 64% for illegal firearms, 68% for assault and 71% for animal cruelty.

Now down to the really bad stuff. This actually kind of restores my faith in humanity. If a family member was dealing hard drugs like heroin or meth, 74% said they would turn them in and 87% would do the same for murder.

That means 13% would turn the other way when it comes to murder. I certainly wouldn't want to live with a murderer in my house.


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