Concerts.  It's been a tough thing to think about during this pandemic.  How do we do that?  How do we social distance?  Is this something that can even happen anymore after this weird time that we are all experiencing... as a world?

Well, here is an idea.  This company has designed a suit that could be used at concerts.  In fact, they say that they will be available at the venue, sanitized after every use and put away for the next one. (So, they are going to have like 20,000 of these things at each venue?).  Hard to imagine.

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Check this out...

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They also put some pictures on their Instagram page.

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And if you are wondering how you would have a drink with this thing on...well, they have that covered too.

This suit to me looks like something out of the movie TRON or if you were a member of the group DAFT PUNK.  I'm not sure that the masses would be on board with this thing.  But hey, props to creativity.  Good luck with this.

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