This thing belongs in a much larger body of water. Like maybe an ocean. Although I do understand that it's not a salt-water animal.  But still. What is THIS THING doing around here?  It's so big it looks like a dinosaur.  I do understand that it's a giant snapping turtle.  But doesn't it look like a sort of dinosaur?

Anyway, two people where were minding their own business, fishing for crappies or something and this thing shows up next to their boat.

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According to Bring Me the News, Buffalo resident, Shala Holm, was fishing with her daughter at one of her favorite spots on the Mississippi river which is located near Neimeyer's Rugged River Resort in the Brainerd Lakes area.

One evening after dinner, Holm and her daughter were catching crappies when Holm's daughter began to hear the sound of breathing. Holm remembers scanning the landscape for a nearby deer or beaver. 

"And then all of a sudden we saw this nose in the water," 

Breathing.  You lost me right there!  I'm out in the middle of a river, lake, whatever and I hear breathing coming from the water I'd high tail it out of there so fast!  "Breathing" shouldn't be something you here out in that situation unless it's coming for someone with you, or a pet that is with you.  Speaking of that, what if there had been a dog on board?  Would they still have the dog?  I'm just speculating here on the "what ifs".  But wow!  That thing is monstrous!!

This is the post on Twitter of the turtle coming up along side of the boat.

I want no part of that thing.

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