Roger Stang, the Big lake man wrongly accused on Facebook a few weeks ago, is feeling a bit better after hearing from people all over the country, offering their support.

Stang, after getting a little lost looking for his son's house, pull over in a neighborhood and was using his flip phone to call his son.  A "concerned citizen" thinking Stang was photographing kids at the bus stop,  took it a upon herself to post a picture of Stang's pick up on Facebook and referring to him at a "creep".

By the time police were notified of the Facebook post, Stang had already been unjustly  shamed. Stang was heartbroken that some people from the town he'd lived in for 50 years were calling him a pervert.


Well, Stang is better now after all the love and support he's received from people all over. According to Big Lake police chief, they've received cards and letters, gift baskets, flowers and letters of apology.

Stang said that he hopes this never happens to someone that may not be as strong.  Being shamed like that could cause someone to harm themselves.

The best thing in this situation, would have been to call the police right away and let them handle it.  Very happy Roger Stang is feeling better.


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