Bret Hart, a former WWE wrestler, was scheduled to be in Western Wisconsin this weekend for a meet and greet for a local wrestling outfit. Bret ended up having some flight issues, but he wasn't going to let that get in the way of a commitment that he made. So Bret ended up spending multiple stops on a plane before arriving at the show in Turtle Lake, and then he stayed late for his fans.

One fan wrote on the post shared above, that Bret was still meeting fans that were waiting at 1am!

James Belanger - "We finally met Bret at 1AM and there were about 10 behind us left and he was a class act! Still gave everyone time and didn’t rush."

Loren Files wrote - "We were towards the end of the line and he was so nice. Apologized for us having to wait. We would have waited all night for him."

Bret was in Wisconsin as part of the Midwest All-Star Wrestling Heart of a Warrior 4 event that was taking place at St. Croix Casino in Turtle Lake. Bret wasn't scheduled to wrestle in the event, but the wrestling company has had former WWE stars wrestle at various events in the past.

The easy thing for Bret would have been to call and cancel, but he didn't and that shows the type of person he is, and for all he has accomplished in life for him to worry about a few hundred fans in Northwestern Wisconsin is pretty cool.

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I thought it was classy that Bret made the obligation to be at the show, ran into issues beyond his control, still made the event, and then stayed as long as it was needed to get through all of the fans who drove to see him in Northwestern Wisconsin.

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