Here we are, wondering why in the world this type of thing is still happening.  And this happened a couple of years ago as well.

Situation - and only is happening if you are a DirecTV subscriber.  If not - this has nothing to do with you, and carry on.  But, if you are a DirecTV subscriber (AT&T), and  a deal is not reached by tomorrow (Thursday, November 30th) you will lose access to NBC, KARE 11, as their parent company, TEGNA hasnot yet come to an agreement with DirecTV.

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This seems so strange that this would happen again within 2 -3 years  I believe the last time this happened was in 2020-2021, and around this time of the year as well.  Obviously this is the time of year when the deals are made, but the real question is this, why is this such an issue?  Is the amount of money being asked for that out of the realm of possibility?

Thus far, DIRECTV has refused to agree to such terms, which is why we have begun informing DIRECTV and AT&T U-Verse customers that they may lose access to their local TEGNA station and our valuable programming,” the spokesperson continued. “We hope that DIRECTV is willing to negotiate a market-based deal before the November 30 deadline and doesn’t take away DIRECTV and AT&T U-Verse customers’ local news, weather, sports and network programs.”

So, if this doesn't happen within the next day or so, subscribers will lost KARE 11 programming.  The last time this happened it lasted for a few weeks before a deal was eventually made.  So, the thought is that yes, a deal will be made eventually, but when will that be?  Hopefully by tomorrow, but let's be realistic.  Probably not.  We just saw what happened with the writers and actors strikes.  That was months of time before a deal was made.  Stay tuned...

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