Ok, I'm into making your lawn, garden, home, whatever looking as good and interesting as you possibly can.  And it is also sometimes a good idea to have some sort of conversation piece involved.  But this giant crab?  In Minnesota? And for over $1500???

Hard pass.

But if it is something that you would want, it is available at Home Depot here in Waite Park.  They don't seem to have any in stock... like actually at the store from what I can tell from their website. Not surprising.  I can't imagine there is room for this giant crab or that there would be that much of a demand for a giant crab that would require in-store inventory.  But I could be wrong.


You can order it to be shipped to the Waite Park store, and it can be here by next weekend if you order today!  Hey- what a deal!

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Am I crazy to think that it seems too pricey to pay North of $1500 for a giant crab just to do?  Here is the description from the Home Depot website:

Oh, by the way, this thing is about 6 feet wide and weighs 89 pounds!  So, once you have it placed, probably not going to be moving it anytime soon.

I just can't think of a place where that thing would look like it belongs.  At least not here in Minnesota.  Oh- maybe it would have been something that would have worked well in the crazy Poseidon House.  There - I thought of a place.  Or, at least it would have worked before it was purchased by someone more "normal". Or maybe I should use the word "traditional".

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