When it was announced that there would be no Minnesota State Fair this year, many people were bummed. Whether it's the food, concerts and shows, Minnesota made products, the arts and crafts, the education or just the people watching -- the Great Minnesota Get Together is a big idea. And not having it is a big deal for a lot of people.

The Minnesota State Fair has done whatever they can to not only give fairgoers the chance to experience something but to also compensate for a lot of lost revenue. Now you can experience the fair in another way -- by seeing it at home at mnstatefair.org. 

Fair fans can’t be together for the usual Great Minnesota Get-Together this year, but for those 12 days that would have been the fair, Aug. 27 through Sept. 7, they can safely and virtually bring the fair home with the Minnesota State Fair: At-Home Edition! Content can be viewed from the home page of mnstatefair.org or via FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube! - mnstatefair.org


Which brings up the virtual reality aspect. With VR becoming more and more popular, this might be a good time to integrate that technology with Minnesotan's thirst to go to the fair. They can make it so you can sit courtside at a basketball game, where you feel you are actually at the game. Why not a VR experience where you can be at the fair but from your living room? They could even set it up where you get the smells of fair food like mini-donuts and pronto pups -- to even livestock if that's something you want.

Something to think about for next year.

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