If you are a certain age, you most definitely had the chance to play The Oregon Trail in school at some point. Maybe it was elementary school, perhaps middle or high school, at some point you lost an ox cross the river, maybe a member of your party was bit by a rattlesnake, it could have even been you bitten while playing the game. The quirky, Minnesota-made video game is now being turned into a musical.

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The Oregon Trail got its start in Northfield, where it was created by college students at Carleton College. From there it seemed like every computer you ever got assigned to in the 'computer lab' (remember those?) had a copy of the game on it, or you'd find one that did. The object of the game of course is to make it from Independence Missouri to the Pacific Ocean as you traveled along the "Oregon Trail".

According to Mental Floss, the movie musical is being crafted by the team who just released the film Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile. The guys behind Lyle apparently were obsessed with the game growing up, and they supposedly have the rights to make a movie in regard to the game and the trip people took in real life. 

Right now it seems like it's just an idea that they are moving forward on, we will have to see who gets cast for the parts and if it truly will get made.

Personally, I'm a little suspicious about this, I'm not sure how you go about the movie version of the game, it could almost be too real for some of us Oregon Trail purists. I mean those 8-bit graphics were SO real to us then, what are we going to do when we've got people being bit by rattlesnakes or an ox lost to the river, and we are seeing that in HD?

Maybe if I can see a trailer my mind will be at ease, but until then I'll stick to my 8-bit memories of playing that game.

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