There are all sorts of things that we use on a daily basis that we are either using in the wrong way, or there could be a better way to use the item.  Or, in this case, there is an item that we have with us at all times when we are in the car, and it can actually save your life.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw TSM/St. Cloud
PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw TSM/St. Cloud

The item I am talking about is the head rest.  The ones that can be moved up and down, they can also be pulled completely out from the back of the seat.  This would be very helpful if you are ever in an accident and you're trapped in your car.  You may need to break a window.  Pull the head rest out and use the metal rods to break the window.  This will help you escape the vehicle if you are in water, or some other situation where the window will not roll down.

There are several other common or everyday items that you may not have known have other uses.

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Who knows what the loop on the back of a dress shirt is for?  Back in the day it was to hang your shirt on a hook so it wouldn't wrinkle.  And now, it shows the quality of a dress shirt, even though probably no one uses it for hanging on a hook anymore. But you could.

What are the extra holes in sneakers for?  No one really uses them to lace up your shoes.  But you could, if you use those holes for your laces, it makes the shoes much tighter and therefore will hopefully prevent blisters.

If you would like to see some other handy-dandy tricks for very common things, check out this link.  

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