If you mention a bridge in Minnesota people may automatically think of the bridge of 35 that collapsed quite a few years ago.  Your mind will just somehow go right to that place, which isn't great, and if you don't think of that first, good on you!

But if you are wondering about any covered bridges (which I think are super cool) there is the longest one right here in Central Minnesota.  The longest covered bridge in Minnesota is located in Holdingford.  It is part of the Lake Wobegon Trail.  It has also been called the Lake Wobegon Covered Bridge.

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Essentially this bridge was built as part of the 13 mile extension of the Lake Wobegon Trail that connects Albany to Osakis. If you look at the website Only in Your State, it says that it runs from Albany to Onamia... 13 miles.  That's wrong.  Albany to Onamia is more like 70 miles.  Oopsie!

What I like about old bridges like this... or ones that just look old and are covered is that it looks like old times, like 1800 times, a piece of history.  Or, you could relate it to the Headless Horseman story too.  Whichever one works for you.

Since it is that season, it might be a cool place to plan a Halloween get-together and have a headless horseman re-enactment.  Could be fun.  Maybe.

What is also nice about this bridge is that there is no motorized vehicles allowed.  So, walk, bike or however you want to stroll through the bridge and take in all the beauty of nature as there are windows throughout the covered bridge.

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