A lot of people have done the 23andMe and Ancestry.com DNA testing. Some of them have found out some very interesting things such as what percentage of what nationality they are. That information can affect people in very deep and personal ways.

Ancestry just announced that they now have more data then ever before and based on that, whatever information customers have gotten in the past might not be accurate anymore. They also said they will be updating them with new results soon.


DNA molecules
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They actually warn that this can happen and that their results are estimates based on new information they receive but people are not happy with it. One woman said to  reporters that the update dropped her son from 31% Spanish to just 11% and that it was quote, "...quite upsetting." She also went on to say "His ethnicity is massively different now...I haven't accepted it as I don't agree with the results. It seems like too much English and Irish, it just doesn’t make sense. I’m upset because that’s his identity.”


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