Next time you are on date and you meet their dog for the first time, be on your best behavior because dogs can sniff out bad people.

I think it was Bill Murray that said "I don't trust a person that doesn't like dogs but i'll trust a dog that doesn't like a person".


Over 60% of dog owners say there dog plays a huge part in their relationships.  57% would not date someone their dog didn't like.

Here are some of the red flags that a dog can help you spot.

The person gets jealous over the attention you give your dog

They are too rough with the dog

They totally ignore your dog.

They want the dog in a separate room when they are over.

They get mad when you can't go somewhere because you have to take care of your dog.

They never pet your dog

They don't like how your dog smells

And finally, they make fun of your dog and call it fat or ugly.

Trust your dog. They are much smarter than most people realize.

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