It's the time of year for giving... or "newness".  And maybe what you and your family needs in your life is a new furry family member.

Naya is at the Tri-Country Humane Society and she might be just the thing that will make everything complete.  She is about 2 years old, loves kids, other pets and is completely treat driven.  Kate, a representative from the TCHS says that this dog is completely motivated by treats and food.  She recently had a litter of puppies, about 8 or 9 of them, and they have all been adopted.  Now, mama just needs a home.

Maybe it's yours?

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If you couldn't find a furry friend in time for Christmas, or just haven't found the "right one" maybe this is the time.  It could be a "New Years Day" pupper.  Or, maybe you are more in the market for a cat?  TCHS is running a deal on adult cats right now.  Or, maybe the right thing for you is to foster a pet.  All options are on the table.

Naya, along with several other pets, cats, dogs, bunnies, etc are available at the Tri-County Humane Society.  You can just stop in and take a look at a potential furry family member.  It's best if you do make an appointment, but it's not completely necessary.  But they do request that everyone be masked up when coming to look at the pets available for adoption.  You can check out all of the information on Naya, and the other available pets on their website.

Good luck!  And happy adopting!

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