It's almost that time again, the time of year when everyone is Irish and there is green beer flowing.  There is also a plethora of fun apparel with funny sayings on them, and many definitely NSFW.  But we all still laugh at the inappropriateness.

Last year was the "coldest St. Patrick's Day in 30 years".  We have quite a change for this year's celebration.

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St Patrick's Day is March 17th, and this year it falls on a weekend, which is great.  And if you do what most places do, the celebration will be on Saturday the 16th, and in some cases, the party will extend into the actual St. Patrick's Day for a two day event.

Here is a guide from Visit Greater St. Cloud

There are probably many more celebrations around the state and in neighboring states that you can attend if you want to travel a bit.

If you want to get a bit of exercise before any sort of "celebration" then get on board with the Pot O' Gold 5K.  There is an event for everyone in the family.

The Pot O’ Gold 5K is the kick-off race to the Bernick’s Family Fitness Series, hosted by the St. Cloud Area Family YMCA. Our series aims to eliminate cost barriers and provide individuals and families with opportunities to gather and commit to healthy activities throughout the year. 

Pearl Lak Lodge annual party and parade is the 16th.  I'm just going to strongly suggest that you designate a driver for this one.

The St. Patrick's Day pub crawl in St. Joe happens on Saturday the 16th, beginning at noon and going until 5pm.  The destinations include the 5 bars in St. Joe; the La Playette, Bad Habit, The Middy, the Legion and Sals. There are prizes and more details coming as the date gets closer.

Olde Brick House in St. Cloud will also have a two day event with lots of music and food specials.

And if you want to start your St. Patrick's Day celebrations early, the Paramount downtown St. Cloud will have Ring of Kerry performance this coming Saturday, March 9th.

 Ring of Kerry performs a professional show with energetic music, dance, visual presentation, and audience connection. They incorporate traditional Celtic roots, intermingle modern sensibilities, and add a touch of original music.

Tickets are on sale now through the Paramount box office. Cost is $20.

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