And it overlooks US Bank Stadium too.  How cool would this be?  If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series this would be really cool.  I'm thinking that it would actually make a great bar/restaurant.  Dine at Hogwarts, why not, right?


It's not cheap.  Coming in with a listing price of $2,995,000.  But if you made this 4500 sq ft dwelling into a business that would be a decent price.  As a 3 bedroom, 3 bath home...that might be a little pricey.

When you see what this home has to offer you can see why the price is high- most of the decor has been handmade.  And it's super cool... if you are into that sort of thing.  Theme restaurant, there ya go!  It even has a nice little patio area for the warmer months.  Outside dining.  I'm in!!  And with it just across from US Bank Stadium, you have a great area to hang before going to either a game or a show/concert.

A bed and breakfast might be a good idea, except this is only 3 bedrooms.  Might get a bit crowded fast.

But still- the cool factor is off the charts.