My biggest fear, next to a missing child, is my dog Astro running away. It can be heartbreaking searching and just hoping your dog makes it home somehow.

Photo by Ruff Start Rescue

People put up flyers around town and even put together search parties with no luck in finding the lost St Bernard. Temperatures were below freezing and there were doubts that Old Lady could still be alive.

A man and his grandsons spotted the lost St Bernard in the woods with it's leash stuck on some branches. Law enforcement was notified and in turn, they contacted Ruff Start Rescue.

It's nice to have a happy ending to all this. Old Lady was rescued after 17 days in freezing temps. The St Bernard had probably been stuck on those branches the entire time. Old Lady is frost bitten and malnourished but according Ruff Start rescue, Old Lady's vital signs were good.

I'm sure donations would be greatly appreciated for Ruff Start Rescue, a non profit in Princeton, MN

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