It’s been eight long years since we’ve heard anything new from ZZ Top, but fans can look forward to a new album soon — and guitarist Billy Gibbons says it’s “a return to the early ZZ Top roots.”

The upcoming, as-yet untitled set, which will be the band’s 15th studio album in 42 years, is currently being recorded with executive producer Rick Rubin, who’s also serving as a band advisor in his capacity as president of their label, American Recordings.

“Rick has successfully brought in his particular piece of magic in offering a few suggestions,” Gibbons told Houston’s Fox 26, “and basically stepped back and he said, ‘You really don’t have to get much better; just do what you do.’ He realizes the foundational piece of this great American art form of the blues penetrates so much of popular music, he said ‘just turn it up and let’s go.’”

“We’re having a blast,” added Gibbons, describing the music as “It’s loud, it’s fast… streamlined right on down the line. ZZ Top is just what it is.”

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