I love going to garage sales in the spring and summertime! Honestly, there's nothing better than finding a deal on something you were willing to buy new. It's like finding buried treasure. I've made my love for garage sales known to the world. But, even I know there can be super awkward moments at a garage sale that make them a little undesirable to people. How many of these awkward moments have you had at a garage sale?

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1. The slow drive-by: Listen, this is so awkward for the person hosting the sale as well as the 10 cars behind you when you're going 2 mph. The host feels judged and traffic feels rage.

2. People who want to pay with checks: This is all kinds of awkward because we're Minnesota nice. We want to trust you, but we're also really upset that you ignored the 'no checks' signs posted around the garage.

3. Those who ask to use your bathroom: We get itt, kids sometimes need to go when they need to go. That one isn't a big deal. But, when you're a grown adult asking to use the homeowner's bathroom, things get weird, Gina.

4. People who want to take the item and pay later...or vice versa: Here's how it should work...you buy your item and you take it home. That's it. Don't treat the garage sale like a Burger King. You can't have it your way.

5. Other people adding junk to the free box: This one is the worst. Someone else's free box isn't an invite to add your own garbage too. It's 50 shades of awkward when you do that to someone.

6. Running out of bags: Listen, if you're going to have a garage sale, prepare for it with bags. Not everyone carries around their own like Janet down the block. It's awkward when someone decides to buy 100 baby outfits and you don't have a bag for them.

7. You're the only one at the sale: I'm not sure if there's anything more awkward than being the ONLY person at a garage sale. You feel like you need to make all kinds of small talk with the person running the sale.

8. Negotiating an already low price: It feels weird and awkward.

9. Grass walkers: This one is like leaving your shoes on in someone else's house. You just shouldn't.

10. Kids who play with all of the toys but buy nothing and leave things in complete disarray. Listen, garage sales aren't free playgrounds. And, if you break it you better buy it because this isn't Walmart.

BONUS: When traffic blocks you out of your own driveway. You can do what my mailman does and just honk until someone eventually moves their car. That's a power move and we love it.


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