Do you have a friend who's a born-and-bred Minnesotan with zero actual family ties to anyone further south than Big Lake, yet talks with a bad drawl and yaps on about "southern heritage"?

Well butter my backside and call me a biscuit, make yer yankee friends madder than a wet hen with some Southern-fried vernacular.

10 Southern Phrases for Minnesotans to Culturally Appropriate
(and what they mean in plain English)

#1: "They ain't worth a hill of beans". Translation: they're worthless

#2: "I'm fixin' to [insert verb]". Translation: they're about to do whatever the verb is.

#3: "Plumb". There's an actual scientific definition for plumb, but I'm obviously not talking about that. The translation of the Southerner "plumb" is "completely". Such as, "I'm plumb tuckered out" or "Them yanks is plumb dumb"

#4: "Let me let you go". This sounds like your asking permission to let someone drop to their horrific death, but it's much tamer than that. This phrase is a polite way to tell someone that you're fixin' to leave.

#5: "Gimme some sugar". Grandma/Aunt/Grauntma wants a kiss, hopefully on the cheek.

#6: "I'll tell you what". This staple of Hank Hill's lingo is used to warn someone that you're about to express your opinion on something. Just never follow "I'll tell you what" with "I'm not racist, but...". Trust me.

#7: "Can't never could". The double-negative means to quit whining (can't never) and be more positive (could).

#8: "Hissy fit". Translation: a temper tantrum.

#9: "God willin' and the creek don't rise". Translation: the thing you're planning on doing/being at will happen as long as something crazy doesn't take place.

#10: "A rooster one day and a feather duster the next". Heh...uh, what? Translation: don't brag about your fortune because it could all be gone tomorrow.

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