Minnesota is truly the best state in the Midwest. Heck, the entire NATION. So we came up with the top 10 reasons why everyone should be proud of our home state!

Every state has their own unique characteristics. Whether it be their landscape, their towns, their people or their culture! But Minnesota definitely has characteristics that makes the state stand out from the rest. Check out the 10 reasons why you should be proud of the snowiest state in the country!

  1. Shorelines - If you count up how much shoreline there is in Minnesota from our 10,000+ lakes, you get more miles of shoreline than the entire nation's on either side from the oceans! That is absolutely insane to think about!
  2. Landscape - Minnesota has a natural beauty to her landscape. We've got trees, forests, lakes, hills, and valleys. You can find anything you want in our state - including multiple waterfalls!
  3. Seasons - In Minnesota, we get to enjoy all four seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall and of course, Winter. We may be more famous for our blistering winters, but Minnesotans get to experience all of the seasons - even the super hot and humid summer days.
  4. Community - The Midwest has always been known as a great place to raise a family. But Minnesota is KNOWN for being nice. The nation calls it being "Minnesota-Nice", which we own with pride! Our communities are always there to help one another, and you don't find that everywhere.
  5. Diversity - Minnesota has one of the largest percentages of minorities in the entire country. Hispanic immigrant numbers have also steadily increased throughout the years!
  6. Medicine - Chances are, you probably know someone who went to either Mayo Clinic or The University of Minnesota for medical treatment. Minnesota is lucky to have two great facilities to rely on for medical care.
  7. Music - Minnesota is known for the amazing music that comes out of our cities. People all over the nation know that the Twin Cities has an amazing music base - just look at Bob Dylan, Prince, The Replacements, and so many more.
  8. Fairs - We pride ourselves for having a great state fair. Locals call the Minnesota State Fair the "Great Minnesota Get-Together" for great reason! We love all getting together and eating deep fried food, and enjoy live music at the Grand Stand!
  9. Activities - There is no shortage of activities to keep us Minnesotans occupied! Every season, we get multiple different sports and hobbies that become available - like skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, skating.. And that's just winter activities!
  10. Clean - Everyone can agree that Minnesota has very "clean streets". We have moderately low crime rates, and neighbors come together to make sure our state is a great place to raise a family.

There you have it! 10 reasons to be proud of your home state of Minnesota. Make sure to share with your friends to give them a reminder as to why Minnesota is the best place to live. Can you think of more reasons to be proud of Minnesota? Let us know!

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