If you travel anywhere in the continental US or even outside of the United States, you hear people mention the stereotypes regarding Minnesota. We have all heard the quotes from the movie "Fargo". (Do people realize that Fargo isn't in MN)?

We have all heard the comments about winter-like "Do you ever get rid of your snow?", or "How do y'all drive around? Do you have dog sleds?" (I actually had someone ask that question when I was living in AZ). We've all heard the "hotdish" comments, and to be fair, I didn't know what "Hotdish" was until I was in about 6th grade. I grew up with it being called a casserole. We have also heard about how weird it is that we play "duck duck grey duck" instead of "duck duck goose". And why do we say grey duck anyway? Or a better question might be why does everyone else say "duck duck goose"?  I'm confused.

But the things that are very Minnesotan do not end there.  We have some other things that only people in the Midwest, and mostly Minnesota, do and say.

Check out this list and see if you can relate.

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