Happy Tax Season. That really should be a new strain of marijuana, but it's not...that I know of. Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Minnesota (as of August 1st, 2023), we have a new way to relax and get effective pain treatment. Unless, of course, your employment is bound by federal laws; in which case you've gotta stick with the pills.

Do YOU know if your tax preparer is high as a Snoop Dog kite? There are some signs. Read on to ready yourself.

Signs That Your Tax Preparer is Stoned

1) He takes your W2, rolls it up, and smokes it.
2) He wears crocks and a man bun.
3) You keep having to move the keyboard back under her fingers while she types.
4) There's no office door, just a beaded curtain
5) Her desk has more empty bottles of Visine than it does tax forms.
6) He claims that travel expenses to be a Dave Matthews Band groupie is tax-deductible.
7) She interrupts your tax meeting with an hours-long lecture on why "Half Baked" is the greatest cinematic achievement in history.
8) Anytime he hears a siren he jumps up, runs to the bathroom, empties his pockets, and flushes the toilet...followed by, "Oh wait I don't have to do that anymore"
9) You keep trying to talk to her about the high costs of living but she interrupts with, "Hello, what about costs of living?"
10) He giggles every time you say that you and your partner want to file a joint return.
11) He still thinks the 'big day in April' is on the 20th.

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