Out of nowhere, an artist has appeared who is striking a serious chord with people all over the country, including here in Minnesota. His original song called 'Rich Men North of Richmond' owns the number one spot on Itunes right now. The amazing thing? He hit 2 million views in just two days of his video being available on Youtube from RadioWV. The video has now surpassed 12 million views in 6 days. As a singer/songwriter myself, I have to say, I'm a little jealous!



In an article from Variety.com Oliver commented the following, “I sit pretty dead center down the aisle on politics and, always have. I remember as a kid the conservatives wanting war, and me not understanding that. And I remember a lot of the controversies when the left took office, and it seems like, you know, both sides serve the same master. And that master is not someone of any good to the people of this country.”

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Oliver Anthony from Farmville, Virginia, has fans all over the country that feel tired, overworked, and underpaid. We know John Rich of 'Big & Rich" has offered to produce a full-length album for the singer/songwriter.

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The song is simple. The lyrics are deep. It is sung from the heart and people are going crazy for it. The song literally passed two million views just two days after its release on Youtube. It was not on his own Youtube channel that his song got all the attention. It was a youtube channel that features what they call 'Real Music, Real People, Real Culture," and they post new videos every week.

That's not the only song you'll hear this songbird singing. He has other hits on the Itunes chart including 'Aint Got A Dollar,' 'I've Got To Get Sober,' and 'I Want To Go Home.' He literally did his FIRST public performance AFTER he received all this attention. He seems to know how to work a microphone, so I'd be interested in learning more about that.

Although the song seems to have a political message, Oliver Anthony says he doesn't really lean left or right. He's sort of right down the middle politically. He was going through a difficult time when he decided to pick up a guitar and seems to have a natural ability to say or sing what he feels.

He does not have a mainstream country sound; which sort of screams, "What's up with that?" This is where country music came from.

Will mainstream country recognize his unique style, dobro guitar, his pitch-perfect voice that sends chills down your spine? It will be fun to see what happens with Anthony Oliver; regardless of what the commercial world may see or not; I believe Oliver has an incredible future ahead of him.

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